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Shopping simple step
1. Please choose the desired product and quantity. Click 'Pesan' or 'Subscribe'.
Your Product will be added to your shopping cart.
Click button "proceed to checkout" if you want to continue the transaction process, or choose 'Continue Shopping' if you want to check our another offer.

2. If proceed to checkout is chosen. Click button 'Register'. And please complete the order form.
Note: Only correct email address and phone/handphone entry accepted. (Fill in the column for email address at the beginning of the form, no space before and after the address to avoid invalidity of email address, also fill in the column for hand phone number). This information is needed for your shipping address and for our tele marketing for your further information confirm.

3. Choose a payment method:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card

If 'Bank Transfer' payment is chosen, please follow these steps:

  • Your order is valid for 3 working days, "Bank Transfer" received 3 working days after your order will not be accepted. Ensure with your bank that recipient bank is your correspondent bank. (If this particular due date is a holiday, you can do the transfer on the next working day). Payment by ATM is preferred ( Insert : BCA code : 014 for "ATM Bersama" before the 10 digits of our account number below), make remittance or wire transfer to: 

    Bank: BCA
    Swift Code: CENAIDJA (if transfer outside Indonesia)
    Branch: RAWAMANGUN
    Account #: 094 300 209 3
    Beneficiary: PT. GAYA FAVORIT PRESS


  • Please note that the slip of transfer must clearly state your NAME and Order Reference Number. (Note: If NAME and Order Reference Number is not written in your transfer, ensure that (Name and Order Reference) is on the fax sheet of the transfer receipt you sent us.)
  • Payment must be made in full. No partial payment is allowed. Partial payment will not be acknowledged nor refunded. Product will be issued only in full payment.
  • Failure to make payment within the required period of time will automatically void (cancel) your order. Check your status with us/or online and make a new order if you wish to continue purchasing the ticket.
  • Please Fax your payment slip/receipt to +62-21 4682 5408 or photo/scan your payment receipt and email to quoting your Name, hand phone number and Order Reference Number (on the fax sheet or the attachment of your email).


If 'Credit Card' payment is chosen, please follow these steps: 

  • Please enter 16 digits of your credit card number (Visa and Mastercard ONLY, issued by Indonesian banks and selective countries such as Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hongkong).
  • On the next window you have to fill in and complete the card holder's data (Make sure the information given are accurate and reliable, correct), then continue to click "Process Payment" button.
  • After payment processing, the next window will identify if your payment is approved or declined.
  • If approved please click "Continue" to complete the process" button in order to have the review your order.
  • If declined please click shipping method menu before. and you will go back to page for new payment method.
  • When Credit Card payment is effective, The Product will be sent to your mail address.


After all Process Complete, Please Choose "Place Order" if you want to continue. Please don't close your browser until the next page is loaded to make sure your order is succesfull. 
If your order is succesfull, confirmation Order will be sent to your valid email address. 
Call our service to +62-21 4682 5555 for further information.